About Hasizzle

HaSizzle is the pulsating thump and the vivaciousness known as Bounce music. Never heard of him? Then you’ve probably never been to New Orleans. To save you the trip, I suggest turning on Drake’s “Child’s Play” to hear his voice being sampled.

“She rode that **** like a soulja.” But Drake’s recognition is only the tip of the iceberg for HaSizzle, who’s been making music for nearly 15 years.”Bounce music is 100% party music. Meaning, dance music… that Pop/Rock  booty shaking sound that you rejoice in and enjoy yourself. I want the world to know that no matter what type of Bounce song you hear, slow or fast, you’re gonna have a good time.” 

His charming, Southern personality is so refreshing that non-natives forget the faux-pas of asking about Hurricane Katrina.  “I’m out the Calliope, and I was raised all over New orleans. The jungle was the name of the hood. In the song I have, where I say ‘she rode it like jungle soulja’, that was for the girls in the hood.”

HaSizzle is the magic of New Orleans personified; he refuses to let tragedies drown his spirit—this reverberates through his music. The title of his latest Album The Voice 4 Church of Twerk, is also another example of his fabulous uniqueness. Not only is Getcha Sum ,” a single off of the Album, a radio  and club banger in his city, it also is has a full signal regarding popularity when you search it on all digital music sites.


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